Branding & Packaging

What behinds the barbaric growth is that we are more comfortable with our own way of life in this intelligent age.We try to make ourselves to have a pure life, to feel every moment of the world, even a tiny memory, and every little surprise and moved as the gifts from our daily life .


Is it a contrast, fun or surprise? It is another possibility. Breaking the routine to find the joy in life, to share this joy with the people around us is the original intention of this packaging and it is the best interpretation of WILD GROWTH value concept.



是一种反差、玩味、惊喜?是另一种可能。打破常规才能发现生活中的乐趣,愿意将这份乐趣分享给身边的人是我们设计这款包装的初衷,也是对WILD GROWTH禾马价值理念最好的诠释。