Branding & Packaging

Hairy crabs are Chinese typical food,which mature time is relatively short in every year.Therefore,to solve the problem of storage and transportation ,even control the cost of the package, we chose the whole paper and convenient disassembly of structure as the packaging. And we found that hairy crabs divide into“raw”and “cooked”as contrast color of packaging, so combining the unique color changes and concise illustration ,which make it more interesting and attract more young consumers ‘ market.

大闸蟹为中国久负盛名的美食。每年成熟上市的时间较短。为了解决包装盒的运输存储和成本控制的问题,我们选择了全纸质的材料和方便拆卸搭建的结构作为包装的主体,将螃蟹“生”和“熟” 独特的颜色变化作为包装的对比颜色,结合简洁的插画让它更有趣和吸引到现在趋于年轻人的消费市场!