Branding & Packaging

We wish this compound flavored sauce could add ¬some fun and flavor to not only food but also our daily life. The emoji number on the front of the packaging cleverly combines a smiling face with number 1, 2, and 3, which brings the connotation of happiness and easiness. The format of the packaging takes inspiration from the format of a calendar. While opening the box, the users would feel like they are flipping through a calendar, which could spark new ideas and the sense of ceremony during cooking. The gradient color of the box could not only stimulate users’ appetite but also attract consumers’ attention.

我们希望这系列复合调味汁产品不仅能增添菜肴滋味,也能赋予平淡生活更多趣味。包装外观上所呈现的“表情数字”(emoji number),将诙谐的笑脸巧妙地融入数字1/2/3中,再进行图形设计,使其产生拟人化联想。在包装形式及使用体验上融入日历的概念,当使用者撕开包装就像翻开日历的下一页,给日常烹饪提供些许仪式感。外盒的渐变色在放大食欲感受的同时也让包装更为引人注目。