Branding & Packaging

The brand uses nature as its gene to produce shampoo products with flower brewing as the main ingredient. As consumer demand shifts from simple cleansing to professional efficacy, the brand has launched the Scalp Regenerating series of shampoos in response to market demand to provide consumers with more professional and targeted hair care. The brand has high hopes for the Scalp Regenerating hair care series and looks forward to opening up a new market in the field of domestic hair care. Therefore, emphasizing the product function of “Scalp Regenerating” is the core of this set of solutions. We designed a concise bottle appearance, expressing mature flower brewing technology with graphic logos, and emphasized the professionalism of analog salon lines through bottle shape and graphic design. To a large extent, the concise style of the bottle design shows its inclusiveness.

百雀羚三生花以自然为基因,生产以花朵酿造为主要成分的洗发产品。随着消费者需求从单纯清洁转变为专业功效,品牌顺应市场需求推出Scalp Regenerating系列洗发水,为消费者提供更专业、更具针对性的头发护理产品。 三生花对新护发系列寄予厚望,期待以此开启国货护发领域的新市场。因此强调「Scalp Regenerating」的产品功能是此套方案核心,我们设计了简洁的瓶身外观,以图形标识表达成熟花酿技术,通过瓶身造型和平面设计强调类比沙龙线的专业性,简约瓶型设计具有高度包容性。