The first season of TangRouge’s FOR SEASON AT WILL PERFUME tells the story of oriental fragrance based on the course of nature and the rhythm of the seasons. The cyclical circulation of heaven and nature in the alternation of the four seasons are connected with individual memories, which forms as the origin of Tangrouge Perfume, hoping to bring in novel energy into China’s fragrance market.

The design of the bottle takes the neat shape of an inversely placed traditional Chinese herbal mortar, which forms an implicit sign of memory within the mortar.
The design imagines a parallel wormhole on the lid to indicate the connection of landscape and scent afar, where time becomes tangible via scent. It invites the audience to travel through the wormhole, landing on the edge of the earth, hiding among the woods, or meditating with the moon. To communicate with different forms of life, and to feel every breath of the blowing wind. The fragrance is memory setting still and sentiment flowing away. The story written by Tangrouge is about the spiritual nutrition that consumers are longing for.