Tangrouge sets its prospect on professional makeup products with oriental aesthetics, aiming to redefine the boundary of beauty for makeup wearers. It asks two essential questions: How to define a makeup brand aptly for Asian faces and where to find the root of its aesthetics. There are numerous modern cosmetic brands that answer the same questions. Those expressions all yearn for a single purpose: to present a makeup brand that identifies with and encourages confidence among the young generation.

The brand differentiates itself from other international brands by its poetic quality, blank space and implicitly uniquely belonging to an oriental context. Echoing the profundity of the brand’s concept, we eventually chose a more implicit expression.

The design is inspired by the concept of dualism that combines the past and the present, the inner and the outer. The suspending porcelain indicates yin and yang, while the entire design reinterpreted and transferred tradition into today’s avant-garde aesthetics. The existence from within and dualism reflects not only its aesthetics but also its philosophy, opening a new round of sensory experience for the emerging brand of Tangrouge.