“Clothing is not the leading character but an extension of personality”, this is not only the core understanding of MESUX but also the conception of the brand in a new season. MESUX is committed to conveying its brand insight through fashion with minimalist, neat and easy-to-wear qualities that reflect their attention and tolerance to individuals. This year marks the first year for the MESUX upgrade, by which they decide to restructure and update the brand and extend it to a more specific brand attitude. Wuxing as the team responsible for the work allows MESUX to have a new LOGO and visual identity, as well as a more explicit extended brand attitude.

We have developed a scale-free, executable and programmed design system for MESUX. It has the simplicity and purity reflected by the LOGO and the authenticity and tangibility found in labels and plastic or fabric products. The variant symbol of the initial letter of the brand M adopts many illative structures that freely extend between the horizontal and vertical lines just as they were defined by the brand between fashion and human. They recognized that the brand has more than one face worth existing. As noted by their understanding, “fashion has been and always will be an extension of personality”, which starts with decomposition of fashion and rests in the planes, allowing the design language to be unified and the consumers to have a deeper impression of the brand.

“服装不是主角,而是个性的延伸”,这种认知是 MESUX的核心,同样是品牌新一季的发想。MESUX正致力于通过时装传达品牌见地,以其简约利落、易于穿着的时装风格,去体现他们对个体的关注和包容。今年是MESUX升级元年,他们决定完成品牌重组与更新,并延伸更为明确的品牌态度。悟形成为负责这项工作的团队,MESUX有了新的LOGO和识别,并在此延伸出更为明确的品牌态度。