Branding & Packaging

Once again, Wuxing was entrusted by Xuanma with the job of updating their visual image to address related difficulties and confusion they met recently. This time, Xuanma decided to change its identity and voice its sincerity to loyal customers as the representative of the Chinese bakery. 

To fulfill its vision of becoming a bakery brand with full-category offerings, Xuanma cannot address its problems by relying on single products. With respect to the communication of brand concepts, premium quality is reflected not only by the taste of its egg-yolk puff but more importantly, the brand promises to stand out from a highly homogenized market by establishing a distinct brand memory and sensory symbol that help maximize visual impression and become a potential force driving consumers to make buying decisions.

Starting from a small egg-yolk puff, Xuanma starts to reexamine itself on its 7th anniversary and re-engages itself in the conversation with friends that it serves for years with sincerity of a bakery brand. With more stories worth telling, Xuanma hopes to become an old friend of consumers who instantly remember it whenever they need a snack and kind greetings.